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Powerfilm Resistive Film Technologies

Inmet Powerfilm Chip & Flange Mount Terminations

PowerfilmTM Chip & Flange Terminations

PowerfilmTM Chip, flange, pill, cartridge terminations for frequencies up to 26.5 GHz and power levels up to 8 KW peak and 800 Watts average.


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Available Chip & Flange Terminations

Chip & Flange Terminations

Product & Type Frequency
Features Download
KAC Surface Mount Terminations,
High Power (SMT)
- - - 50 Ohm, 10 -150 W
Small Size & Low Cost
Aluminum Nitride Substrate, Thick Film

Click here for KAC Series PDF  Data Sheet!
350-KDI Termination,
High Power Chip, 100 W
dc-3 Environmentally friendly AlN substrate, Hi-performance, thin film element.
New adhesion process results in improved terminal strength
On-chip matching network improves frequency performance over the
DC-3 GHz frequency range
Click here for  KDI-350 Series High Power Chip Termination Data Sheet...
PPC & NPC Termination,
High Power Chip
- - - 50-100 Ohm
Thin Film
±2% standard Laser Trimming
Click here for PPC & NPC Series PDF  Data Sheet!
ANC Terminations,
High Power Chip,
Aluminum Nitride
- - - 50 & 100 Ohm
Electroplated Silver over Nickel
Resistive Tolerance: ±2%
Aluminum Nitride Substrate, Thin Film
Click here for ANC Series PDF  Data Sheet!
ANT & ANR Resistors and Terminations,
High Power,
Aluminum Nitride
dc-4 Thin Film
10-600 Watts
Drop-In Flange & Stud Mounted Models
PPR & PPT Resistors and Terminations,
High Power
dc-18 Thin Film
10-800 Watts
Drop-In Flange
PCX Terminations,
High Power
dc-12.4 Conduction (Heat Sink)
Cooled 15 to 150 Watt
Models SMA or Type N Connectors
Click here for PCX Series PDF  Data Sheet!